We Humans
Love to give everything a name ...
Faeries , Fairy , Fae , Fayre
are just some of the names We
gave to Nature's Special
" Guardian Angels " .

Unhappy People
write unhappy stories
about everything ...
that is why there are some
stories about bad Faeries ...
However ... because Faeries are
from the energy of Love ,
Peace and Light...

Remember to always call
on Your Angels to
protect You if You feel
scared or if You feel a bad
 energy around You !

A lot of Us are told that
Our Toys and Faerie ornaments
" come alive at night " ...
I get a lot of Children asking Me if
this is really true !
Some Children have even shared
that it makes Them feel scared !

I will not lie to You ...
all Your Toys absorb Your energies
as You play with Them ...
and it is these energies that
make Your Toys  feel
" alive " and real .
That is why , when You hug Your
favourite Toy , You can
feel it hugging You back !

The same with the ornaments
in Your Home and Garden...
The Faeries fill Our Sculptures
 with Their Loving energies
as We create Them ...
and it is these Loving energies
that You can feel
when You look at or hold Them .

Remember ... the real Faeries
Love to be near all things that are
pretty and special ...
that is why , those who can see
the Faeries , see Them playing with ,
and dancing around ,
all Their favourite Toys
 and Ornaments .

You can read more about
the different Faerie Folk in the
page called
" The 4 Different kinds of Faerie Folk
and Their Friends "

The Faeries ask Us to
Love and Respect all Living Beings
on Our Precious Earth Mother !

They guide Us to first ask
before We pick a Flower...
or cut down a Tree...
this gives the Tree or Plant a
chance to withdraw
it's energy back into it's roots ,
and then it won't feel any pain
when You cut or pick it.

When You Love a Tree
or a Flower...
You are also Loving it's Faerie .
And When You Love a Faerie ...
You are also sending Love to
it's Plant or Tree .
Then Everyone feels
Happy and Loved

Allow the Loving and Peaceful
energies of the Faeries
to be part of Your daily life...
then You know You will really
"Live Happily Ever After " !