It is such fun creating Faerie Houses
and Special Gardens for
the Faeries to snuggle in .
It is just as fun collecting all
the treasures needed
to make these Gifts for the
 Faeries and Their Friends .
You can find all sorts of seeds, acorns ,
pine cones , bits of wood , stones and moss
 in Your Garden or on Your walks
 in the Forest or on the Beach .
You can use toilet rolls ,shoe boxes ,
recycled plastic containers ,
calabashes , old tea pots or tins
or even change Your Doll's House or
an old Bird feeder to make
 Your Faerie Homes out of .
Remember to always ask permission
before You pick anything and
to say " Thank You " after
receiving Your creative inspirations .
Here's some samples of Our Creations
to inspire You ...enjoy !
Have looooots of fun making
Magical Homes for
Your Special little Friends .
The left Home has been created using
a disk of wood that We drilled holes in ,
then bent little sticks after putting them
in the holes ,to make a " bower "...
the moss came from the Oak
Trees that ask Us to clean Their branches
and the ivy and green moss
comes from Our local nursery .
The middle house is made from an old box
and painted with tiling grout ,
to give it the rough texture . We have
used dried Heather
to create the Trees and alcoves .
The little stones have been
collected on Our walks ,
and make perfect outlines for
the doors and windows .
The right house is made from a circle
of cardboard that has had an archway
cut out to form a doorway .
It is fun to make Your own mushrooms
and Faerie Friends from Fimo ,
Sculpy or self hardening clays .
These little Homes have been created using
paper cups as basic shapes and a
calabash , with bark , mosses and flowers
that We have collected and dyed using
fabric dyes . The mushrooms are
made from paper mache and the silk
flowers come from Our local Nursery .
Joyce made the little Faeries for Us .
We made these little caves , mushrooms
and leaf circles from clay ,
for Tessa and Debby's
Precious Darlings to relax in .
Here are some more inspirations...
the little bower on the right
has been created for You to relax in ...
the chair and stepping stones are
made from little disks Ian cut
from a fallen branch .