Many of You have asked Me
to please get a " Safe Cyber Home "
together ... just on Faeries ,
as there are a lot of questions
about Them ,that You would
like to have answered .

Here I will share with You ,
all I know through My
experience with My Faerie Friends ...
I will not try and fool You into
"believing " in anything ...
rather , I encourage You
to open Your Heart to all that
is real in the Natural World
and enjoy Your own
experiences with the
" Faerie Folk " and Their Friends .
Throughout the next few pages ,
I will share all the cards that
I have made on Faeries
for the Children who
visit Our " Faerie Sanctuary " ...
" The Continent of Sulina " ...
Since I can remember ,
Faeries and Angels have always
been My Best Friends ...
I never allowed the Adult World
to " close the doorways "
into this Special World ...
One that only Those who are Gentle
and who have Pure Love
in Their Hearts , can see !
That is why I promised My Angel
and Faerie Friends ,
that I would help keep You
connected to Them ,
so that We could All work
together , to create
the wonderful Life We All
came here to enjoy !
We used to work closely
with Our Faerie and Angel Friends ...
growing Our food and flowers
in harmony with Nature ,
and with Each Other ...
until the " Machine World "
and the greed for money
took over , and pushed
Faeries and all Our other Friends
from the " Higher Dimensions "
into storybooks for
only Children to read about !
I find it very sad , that most of
You , who Love Your Faeries ,
get teased by those who don't !
This is because others are
" badly brainwashed " into
only believing in things that
They can see with Their
" physical eyes " !

Another reason , is that They have
been taught to
" Be afraid of things You can't see " ,
and so Their fear makes
Them tease You and laugh at You ...
when really , They would
actually like to be like You !
It is also sad that many Children
get punished by Adults , for talking
about Their Friendship with
Their Faerie Friends !

Well , that is why I have made
this Faerie Home for You
to visit ... and it is here that I
will share the TRUTH about
who the Faeries are ,
and what They are here to do !
It is here that You can feel
safe to talk about Faeries
and all that You
experience with Them . 
We look forward to sharing
many Magical and uplifting moments
here together ... if You have
anything else that You would
like to know about ,
or a special story that You would
like to share with Us ...
You are welcome to e-mail Us at

Keep on Shining
and being soooo Special !
and Everyone in " Sulina "