Hello again Dear Ones ,
The Faeries are quite shy ...
They do not trust Us that much
as They used to ...
This is because of the way Humans
have been treating Them and Their Homes ,
burning down Their Forests...
poisoning Their Gardens
and polluting Their Waters and Air . 

To get the Faeries to Trust Us
and work with Us again ,
We have to show Them that
We really care about Them and
 the Precious Natural World
that They live in and take care of .

As long as You have True Love
in Your Heart , and are Kind ,
Loving and Gentle
 to Everyone and Everything
on the Earth ,
then the Faeries will be
around You ...
Loving You and working
with You , to make Your life ,
and Everyone on the Planet's life ,
filled with all the Good things
You All wish for ...
and deserve !

Below are a few cards that
I have made to help
You meet and help
the Faeries !
Have Fun !
Keep on Shining and
being so Special !
Love and Peace ,